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Posted By: MikeL2
16-Aug-18 - 09:29 AM
Thread Name: BS: Newly-discovered laws of nature
Subject: RE: BS: Newly-discovered laws of nature

My good lady and I won't use the self check- outs. Although I spent several years working in electronics and computing I now find all electronics an anathema.
Don't know why. My missus doesn't understand "modern contraptions"
So we always use the "human" checkouts. We have no problems and so prefer to do this.

One thing does bug us in that My wife, all 4'11" of her, finds many of the items she wants are on the top shelf. As I don't often accompany her she often has to ask any taller person to help her. They always do.

In the winter we were both laid up with flu so we decided to use the On Line order system. At first we struggled to navigate the web site easily but managed to complete a large order. We use Tesco because it is convenient for us.

The order was delivered right on time and the driver carried it all in and helped to put it away with us.

Since then we have ordered on line regularly. The service has all been fantastic now we have got used to the system.

No problem with parking and stupid beggers who block you in etc.etc.

And we tend to spend less!!