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Posted By: Johnny J
10-Aug-18 - 05:38 AM
Thread Name: Contemporary Traditional Scottish Music?
Subject: RE: Contemporary Traditional Scottish Music?
"do non musicians care more about definitions than musicians do...??? "

Those who seem to care most are those who are in the business of "selling" the music in some way.
Whether it may commercial tour promotors, record/music sales etc, festival organisers and even some of the artists themselves. One of Lau's earlier earlier projects was called "Reiventing The Reel" which everyone else except me at the time thought was a really clever wheeze.

Also many reviewers and writers will also use fancy descriptions and jargon to convey or "sell" their opinions. Again, they may write some very clever and imaginative stuff but the reader will still be left none the wiser.

That's my main point really. There's no point in "labelling", describing, or defining anything unless the person(s) for whom it is intended becomes better informed as a result.
A term like "Contemporary Traditional Scottish Music" is just too ambigous, in my opinion. I had a pretty good idea of what they meant but only because I already know the ethos of The TMSA themselves. A casual reader or member of the general public who doesn't follow the music to the same extent will not.

I remember when the term "Americana" first became fashionable. All manner of music was being promoted with this description. Everything from singer song writers, to old time American genres, also blue grass, and Country and Western music. As a definition, it was and still is meaningless unless you actually know and trust the actual promotors, journalists, radio presenters etc and realising from where they are coming.

In my opinion, it is important that listeners and potential audience members have, at least, a rough idea of what to expect when they are considering whether or not to purchase concerts tickets, albums etc from musicians and singers with whom they are less familiar. It's not as if very much of this music gets played on the radio or is featured on main stream media in general. So, we have to rely on specialist organisations and publications to a great extent. While it is much easier to "Google" information and even recordings, streamings etc these days, this is still a time consuming process. We shouldn't really need to have to "research" every single artist and/or their music before going to a gig.