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Posted By: FreddyHeadey
09-Aug-18 - 03:57 AM
Thread Name: Contemporary Traditional Scottish Music?
Subject: RE: Contemporary Traditional Scottish Music?
I'm sitting on the fence.

What about this from Tom Kitching
"... Progressing the tradition is not just acceptable, but essential. Playing solely in the manner of what went before is re-enactment, not tradition. Successful traditions survive by changing a little, year-on-year to remain relevant to their practitioners and audiences. Something can only be traditional if it has an element of re-invention and progression about it. Otherwise, you are the musical equivalent of the Sealed Knot. Again, thereís nothing wrong with this, but such performance should be labelled re-enactment, not tradition.

Every previous generation of traditional musicians in England learned from the generation that went before them. My generation are the first to have the luxury of the knowledge of more than one generation to learn from. However, the people that inspired me to take it up are the revivalists, and their music is that which I largely seek to build on, shape and alter. I will know Iíve made it as a musician (Unlikely, I concede!) if the following generation takes my music as the standard to overthrow. All creative arts live in a state of destruction and re-invention. To remain relevant, traditional music must be free to do the same.

The traditional musician sits on the fulcrum between past and future.
They know where their music came from, and they will shape it and alter it with total freedom of expression. The best ideas will be heard by the next generation who will repeat the process. This act is the folk process that so polished the songs and tunes collected in the past and allowed them to survive. Restrict it and you kill traditional music."

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