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Posted By: Jon Freeman
05-Aug-18 - 07:20 PM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Some things are already coming home. Probably now triggered by Pip seeing Peter/dad to bed. Wed started a little ritual where Furball would come in the room, ask me to lift him up (he wouldnt jump for this one) and then Id point him to dad. Hed accept a bit of a stroke and then look at me, sort of if for approval and then move down the other side of the bed, pad and lie down until I moved. He knew then Id put some food for him it the porch and hed charge down, overtaking me and skidding on the vinyl wood effect kitchen floor as he turned. Views may be coloured a bit by only having older cats in the few years before but, I still think that in terms of moving from an idle position like lying down, to full gallop, he had the most rapid change of pace Ive seen in a cat.

While my initial impressions were that he was strongly independent, he later (probably post op) started to develop more into a cat (though obviously, and sadly in that case, still capable of doing his own thing) that liked to be part of things. Pip and I had started an after tea bit with him where hed perhaps have a couple of hours outside in the field, possibly Pip and/or I doing a few chores and after I got a new kettle, having a cup of tea/coffee down there. Sometimes but not every time, Furball would do the walk down the track with me in this period.

He also seemed very receptive to playing games with me with the new laser pen I got the day before the accident

Overall though, he remained a bit of a mystery with his own ways (although all cats have their distinctive traits) and the say five weeks from deciding things were ready for him to be a house pet was probably too short a time to really know how things might have developed.

The last few months have been interesting to me and I think Im glad (mixed feelings there) I knew him briefly. I dont think Id get involved in another (although Id still feed a stray and try to find someone to home it) though.