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Posted By: Jon Freeman
21-Jul-18 - 02:12 AM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
I went down the garden at 6am (couldnít sleep) to collect something I left in a shed last evening. Coming back to the house, I saw a cat. At first I thought ďnot that next door creature...Ē then I realised it was a tabby and wondered how Furball had got out, and then another look at the creature partly hidden in the bushes and I realised it was PussPuss who we havenít seen since the cold spell.

I didnít think he looked that well, a bit sort of bloated looking and his left eye looked a little odd but I doubt there would be much I could do to help. At his most trusting, he will stand his ground (with hisses) as I put a dish down but after a long break, it would probably be a while before I can get within a few yards.

Anyway, he took 3 pouches (heíll stand forward of the dish and make himself visible if he wants another) before wandering off. Iíll have to see if he comes back and wonder how things will work out with Furball as a resident now if he doesÖ

As for Furball. Heíll try it on but he seems to mostly have accepted the idea that heís kept in for the night. Heís explored every room now and, for the time being, has chosen his chair (although he still spend a lot of time on the floor) and is slowly but surely taking control of the house.

He was a bit put out by my attempts at guitar playing (probably the first time Iíd picked up an instrument in the same room as me) last night. He didnít bother too much while I was stumming a few chords but got quite excited when I picked the melody for Madame Bonaparte. He approached me meowing. It was quite funny really and Iíve noticed similar with other cats and a laser pointer. Furball seemed to know the noises were something to do with me but he couldnít quite work it out. He had a long look (and sniff) at the guitar as if the instrument was to blame.

As for the seeing him in the kitchen/corridor at night. Iíve changed the program for the corridor light at night (actually when it is dark outside). Instead of switching on/off, it now switches on/dim for this period. Everyone seems happy with this arrangement.