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Posted By: The Sandman
17-Jul-18 - 05:07 AM
Thread Name: English Fiddle Listening Suggestions?
Subject: RE: English Fiddle Listening Suggestions?
Willie Taylor was missing a finger on his fingering hand this affected his style in the same way Django had an individual style on guitar for a similiar reason.It also affected his the style of tunes that he composed.
"He injected a dynamic drive into every tune he played, achieving much of his attack by the use of very strong up-bows at points where most fiddlers would use a down-bow, producing some of the most rhythmic music around." QUOTE FROM HIS OBITUARY,
he had started as a fiddler, later played melodeon and achieved recognition playing with a harmonica player and a piper., to some extent his style would have been affected bu the people he played with,at the same time it must be noted that styles of Northumbrian pipe playing styles vary, Billy Pigg had a wilder style than WillHutton , their styles were noticeably different.
It would be more accurate to say Will taylor style was to some extent affected by Will Atkinson [harmonica ]and Will Huttons particular style of pipe playing., then we have to also acknowledge the influence of Scottish Border fiddle playing style.
Will Taylors style was made up from a complex mix of differing styles.
Jon Bodens comments are an over simplification,and for that reason are only of small value,
to say that northeast fiddle playing was affected by northumbrian pipe playing is also an over simplification,northeast fiddle playing can vary considerably and is affected by Scottish border fiddle playing as well.
Then one hasto ask what is meant by north east fiddle playing?does he mean purely northumbrian or other north eastern counties
My experience tells me that the style of English concertina -playing of Ali Anderson is influenced to some extent by northumbrian pipe playing
No i do not think those two tunes exemplify whatJonBoden says in his article.
Jons remarks are an over simplification and are imo lightweight comments