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Posted By: The Sandman
16-Jul-18 - 09:25 AM
Thread Name: English Fiddle Listening Suggestions?
Subject: RE: English Fiddle Listening Suggestions?
Above typo should be" to watch the dancers".
Finally, fiddle bowing should not be following a formula, it should be flexible and variable, the melodeon has a good rythmic approach but to emulate it rigidly is not the answer imo to achieve good Dance playing on the fiddle,
the problem being that most melodeon and anglo players do not change direction on notes of the same pitch, because it is not natural and is sometimes awkward, that is one of the limitations of the melodeon along with its inabilty to play anything but fixed semitones and tones,
there is nothing wrong with borrowing certain styles from other instruments up to a point, but to advocate copying melodeons as a style [full stop] must be treated with a certain amount of caution] for if it s treated a dogma it has to be limiting and may work to some extent but is not going to work for all styles of English dance music. I very much doubt if it would work for Northumbrian Pipe music, it will have its limitations [imo] for hornpipes, and will always have limitations when dealing with two notes of the same pitch.