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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
04-Jun-18 - 11:45 AM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House

Finished re-doing that cabinet. No sign of my weasel family. I hope they found a better home. It is good to turn things out once in a while to re-assess what is there. It is all still there. Also the clothing cabinet was re-organized this am; nothing discarded but i is cleaner and better organized

Laundry that went on the line yesterday: First load was almost dry when I returned from brunch, so I took almost dry into house and put out the second load knowing they would be well-rinsed! The breeze is drying but the sprinkles are dampening! Bringing in the almost dry to finish by the wood stove. Lots of noisy traffic this am: the road crew - dump truck and smallish earth mover; the road above me must have washed out in the heavy rain! Not a problem for me but it got me out of bed!

I am making a tiny bit of progress with latest weight loss effort. Having noticed a jar of "PureWeigh Premeal Beverage" that I have had for ages, I am giving it a try. I do not drink milk and it was barely tolerable in water so I mix it with 1/3 cup 10% yogurt. One scoop= 100 c and the yogurt about 200; the fat in the yogurt gives it staying/filling power; makes a good BF. The rest of the day is a struggle to eat veggies, salad, proteins and keep the choc in the drawer. The brownies I broke down and actually cooked myself, are helping; I try for a half but a whole is the limit. And it does cut back on the choc craving.

I bought an electric lawn mower on Friday but the black flies interfered with my attempt to assemble it. It is now in the LR awaiting completion; no rush as there are a couple more days of rain fore cast. It will be challenging attacking foot high grass with this little thing but I must be patient.

Pottery, of course, is still drying!