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Posted By: wysiwyg
11-Apr-18 - 07:46 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
We have had all the boxes needed except a few with dividers, which were found in abundance at the local liquor store.


Now that the boxing-up is nearly done, we're reclaiming the LR, and none too soon-- the Stanley Cup playoffs start tonight! Thr card table is stowed; the LR floor needs to be cleared of spilled shredded paper; and warmer days impending.

So I gathered a few back-porch things to move to the front porch. And that means a cleared-up sitting porch, to enjoy together before I head south.

As breaktime during hockey games we can work together to empty/move around/preload a few big pieces of furniture. Some stay for use here, and some go out to the porch, Ohio-bound.

I cleared the office corner of about a 1-inch layer of spilled shredded paper, where I've been packing all the fragile/framed stuff... while I ran laundry because it'll be a hockey night in front of the TV.

Thursday's goal after a pte-Vestry chat w Hardi about next steps to pre-load stuff to the porch-- I'll fill the armoire cavities and start tarping of same (he took that out of LR before going to work, to surprise me, along with two enormous boxes. After I fill in the armoire, I'll empty the counter section of the big 2-piece hutch were passing on to my son (and put away groceries now on the kitchen island). So that, Friday or Saturday, the hutch can be swapped for the brown shelf now in the weight room, which he sked for Friday emptying.

That brown shelf will become the repository for the canned/dry goods now in a pantry I'm taking.

The hutch, when it goes to the porch, will block the armoire, and I have a plastic tarp I hope will cover both. Then the hutch cavities will be filled with cargo.... and succeeding furniture placed in front of that... and filled and covered... and so forth over the next several days.

In Ohio, housemate Tyler is cutting a wall so my antique dresser will fit upon arrival, and the driving crew confirmed dates with me today. Last night, my Ohio BIL said he might be able to join the unloading crew, and I'm checking with other committed or potential crew as well.