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Posted By: wysiwyg
09-Apr-18 - 12:50 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House

I made a firm commitment not to put our money into any more plastic than absolutely required, which we tighten up all the time as able. We re-use as much as possible, and then recycle. For this move I've only bought tape, because that commitment includes packing supplies. I just found a haul of someone else's Styrofoam purchases right in our attic box repository: inside a box almost too big to deliver down the stairway to the old MudDorm. A box of that size was on my grab-list, but I had not known THIS was waiting!

The enormous box I found is a treasure!!! Super-heavy cardboard, with additional flat cardboard in it. AND not only filled with Styrofoam I can cut-- it's not even foam for which WE ever paid into the genocidal plastic industry!!! The box and foam originally cushioned a ceramic cooktop and its exhaust fan assembly....

That box will hold all the individually-packed framed art, standing upright, on edge! :-) (And come right back to PA with its Styrofoam, for the September packing job!)

From the Ohio garage, I have one "found" commercial frame-packing kit, which one of our former housemates must have left in our garage; I'll study that and make our own from the cooktop Styrofoam.

I also threw/pushed down additional packing materials from the attic box repository. (We began collecting all this free cardboard around the time we bought the Xenia house.) Then I grabbed a big gym bag of tarps, for furniture wrapping; more were left in the attic for Hardi to get-- I can only do one trip up there a week at present, and warm but rainy weather is due shortly. I also took pix of the stuff I'll want next, if I need more cushioning material.

My plan for frame-packing is to line each pizza (or similar) box with brown paper, to help control the shredded paper which will supplement the corner foam. I'll cut old pool noodles to gently cushion the glass, and use flat cardboard between pictures for the boxes deep enough for multiple frames.