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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
06-Apr-18 - 12:00 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House

Yes, Charmion! The wind has been at the scary level! No damage that we know of in Montreal but the news from your area had me concerned. Glad your house still stands - some are not! A mite chilly here,also.

Glass front book cases would be so nice! For hundreds of books???!!! Oh, well!

modem for internet connection died and it was a project getting that sorted. Lack of knowledgeable people had me to 3 parts of the city and a couple hours of tech support and - wow!- customer service - to get phone numbers for places that might give help rather than insisting on me letting them do what what just took the last place an hour! Now that I am back on line, Telus will be hearing about that witch. Finally connected by phone with someone knowledgeable and helpful. I told her I would be there. I tried but could not find a place to park. So tried again the next day. "You were coming yesterday." Well, apparently there is free parking but she could not tell me how to access it! That is good info to find out for the future. In the meantime... I had to buy a new modem as the old one was to be sent for repairs -NO ONE in the city had one as it is obsolete; I got it in November! Life remembered 50 years ago seems to have been much simpler??

A biggy out of this episode is the unhappy fact that walking about 5 blocks with computer case on my shoulder all but did me in. I stopped to lean against posts a few times and wondered what I could do if I could not get there. Arrived, breathless for a few minutes. Managed to do the return trip OK. But totally appalled by the incident. Later went for groceries and had no problem but it was only a hundred yards. Bringing in the firewood is so much easier! Up and down stairs a dozen times a day is not enough...

Had a bit of a heart to heart with R this am about our respective views of CLutter. I want to take every non-essential item down to the mill; he does not want to move things twice. I hope much of it will never make it to the new house! This is going to be a a LONG 7 months...