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Posted By: wysiwyg
04-Apr-18 - 02:47 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House

How I'm doing fragile items has been fun. A set of items I'd bought last fall came shipped in large, flat, square boxes with brown paper squares and rectangles for padding. The packer was too lazy to crumple these so they used about 8x too much paper, and I got a zollion pristine flat pieces. I've used this all up today wrapping and cushioning boxed items.

I'm lining the bottom of each Fragiles box with shredded ad papers and seed catalogs, and I just shred a fresh batch for each box before gathering up its planned contents.

In Ohio, all this paper will be used for gardening projects. In fact the shredded paper is so pesky that all those boxes will be unpacked outdoors because if the PA floor is any indicator, I won't want that stuff I'm the house at all!

Two divided vodka boxes are packed. One is antique stemware and a few bar glasses to finish using up the space, plus 2 decor coke bottles. Most of that is earmarkrd for use, not display, and will go into a kitchen cabinet. The other one is glass decor/serving items for the china cabinet plus two mason jars for the kitchen counter.

Two cube boxes are packed for display in the china cabinet, which is shaping up to hold our pretty, mismatched serving items and small knickknacks. Tureens, sugar bowl, wax angels, Monica plaque, small plate stands (easels). One more lg box to pack w pasta bowl and platters, after Hardi gets my mom's platters down from the DR wall.

I could just about pack the glass shelves inside the china cabinet now. Or I could pack the two standing crosses headed for the Five Madonnas shelf, next. In a divided box.

I've definitely decided this is my last move. It's fun to solve all these packing challenges with no outlay for materials but its getting old!!! If and when I have to be moved out into assisted living, the kids are gonna have to do the packing, while I point!