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Posted By: Bill D
03-Apr-18 - 12:03 PM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
""Our cats learned to turn the taps on by pushing the handles across (the taps were like those that surgeons use, with a lever to push with their elbow) We had to pay a plumber to change the taps into old-fashioned ones that need screwing round,"

I used to work in a small bookstore with its own resident cat. It was quiet and simply spent most days wandering about or sleeping on some shelf. The owner, a very feisty little lady who thought of herself as equal to any man OR beast, came up to me with a look in her eyes that said she had a tale to tell.
   It seems that since she was the one who closed the store at night and often stayed late to do accounts, etc., she also had to deal with feeding the cat and cleaning cat box.... and putting 'kitty' in a safe place for the night, as he would often entertain himself by "rearranging the shelves" and other interesting nocturnal pursuits.
   Her solution, finally, was to lock him in the small bathroom (WC) for the night with a small bed, litter box, and water dish. Fine for a few days, but as she related to me, she began finding him in the morning, OUT of his prison and back to his old habits. This happened over & over and she couldn't figure out how he was getting out.
   Finally, as she explained, she decided to go in with him and wait...... so she took him in, shut the door firmly, sat on the closed toilet and waited. The cat sat there for awhile, looking at the door, then looked up at her as if bothered by her presence, then hopped up on her lap and went out on her left knee and reached (it was a very small room)for the door knob....except, there was no 'knob'. The inside knob had been removed, or broken... or something... and there was only the extended mechanism the knob was supposed to fit on. (I had never thought much about it... I and other humans would simply grasp the mechanism and twist.)
    So... the cat stretched out one paw, extended a claw or two, caught those claws in a slot in the knob mechanism and swung off of her knee and hung with its full weight from the slot... which turned the system just enough to turn the cylinder and pop the door open about an inch.... then he dropped to the floor and fiddled with the door till he could pull it open.
   The solution? Because the door swung inward, it was useless to block it from outside, so... a trip to the hardware store for a complete new knob set with an smooth inside knob with nothing for clever claws to grip.
If I remember correctly after all these years, it only took the cat a few days to learn how to get out, but 2-3 weeks for the owner to solve the problem.... which makes some point about cars, I guess..