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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
02-Apr-18 - 02:56 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
A nice quiet trip on Easter morning - amazingly little traffic of highway! Dropped off a feather bed and a lovely quilt at the mill for storage until "the house". Unloaded kiln, boxed pots and placed in car until I get to shop that will take it. Arrived in Montreal to find ---I would weep if it would help!. The LR Full of boxes of books. newly acquired. The K floor littered with tools and the sink full... This after tripping over the electric cord trying to get in the door.

I rather lost it and when he complained told him he had a lot of nerve complaining about me being grumpy when he should darn well have known... OH! He cleaned up the tools and the dishes and the books are now piled in the stairwell until he can get them to the library at Beaver - I am NOT carrying boxes of books. There is still a box of pictures/frames on the ugly sofa and other assorted clutter that I can work around. Tomorrow is trash day and I shall collect boxes to clear a not-to-keep cabinet and whatever else I can manage. All small stuff to go to mill for temp storage. Of course, there will be culling in the process.

R has a friend/tenant who enticed him to an auction last week - so hard to do! She, however, is selling the stuff on E-bay or Kijiji; they have a 50/50 deal. YAY for Chrisie!!

He is hoping we can connect with the owner and see about moving plants from here to there sooner. I had a fun time, clearing the small but burgeoning flower bed at the mill. Lots of lovely things starting to show - dwarf purple iris, red achillea/yarrow and more. Lots of separating needed. I moved a whole lot of hen and chicks to a different, unplanted as yet area to give them room to grow. And exposed iris rhizomes so they will bloom well. That bed is in front of a south facing 4 foot concrete wall backed by soil so well protected and lots of warmth. Beaver had nothing showing before I left, even on the south side of house. There was still a foot or more snow in the yard. The mill and Montreal only have remaining piles here and there.

AS for fitness... I am just going to eat and try to be careful. Fed up with restrictive diets so I end up eating all the wrong stuff in the end! I need to strive to get more exercise as the wood season ends and even a couple days of not needing to carry wood makes a difference! The ankle is still iffy: needs compresses occasionally and certain activities - pressing on clutch! - cause discomfort. The trampoline here seems to be ok. So moderation on that. I have gotten good on stairs! Finally!! So I don't mind going up and down here more frequently just for the exercise - no stairs at Beaver. May the gardening season help!