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Posted By: Jon Freeman
01-Apr-18 - 09:06 AM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
"Our cats learned to turn the taps on by pushing the handles across (the taps were like those that surgeons use, with a lever to push with their elbow) We had to pay a plumber to change the taps into old-fashioned ones that need screwing round,

OT but this prompted me to change a pair of taps you turn round and round for extended lever ones for the washbasin in the bathroom. Itís sometimes (varies, some just use hand gel) used by a nurse who dresses a wound on my back and can be used by various other visitors, eg. support for dad as well as ourselves.

Iíve also fitted a thermostatic mixing valve for the hot tap (they advise hot water storage at 60C these days and thatís enough to scald) to eliminate the possibility of nasty shocks and a new waste (click clack rather than old plug) this weekend as well as redoing one length of silicone sealant. This together with the (long standing) Deb soap dispenser and a recent fitting of a blue roll dispenser, I think just about completes my efforts for this corner of the bathroom. Maybe itís a bit unusual for domestic premises, I don't know but I think this better reflects our own needs.

As for cats, I donít think Iíve known one try to use any sink but we always have bowls of water available. The other thing Iíve known them go for and I think one needs to be careful with is water for houseplants. Sometimes, they have seemed to prefer water thatís a bit ďoffĒ to fresh water/