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Posted By: wysiwyg
29-Mar-18 - 06:55 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
mg, if you're not beset with lots of items I'm happy for you, but what we're packing are memories to enjoy now that we can foresee having time and space for a social life. And two professional offices. So far, every item I've boxed has not only a destination room but a spot in that room envisioned. No chaos is being sent to Ohio! :-)


Planned packing today was five Madonnas (now that a designated shelf has been identified for the collection), and carrying out one desk cubby unit, then sliding a nearby item over to hold the printer until its box turns up. I thought I might also pack more from the china cabinet today, but expected that a noon fone conference and amoxicillin naps would compete.

But what actually got done in addition to the naps and fone conference:

The Madonnas went happily into an egg box. Two marble eggs and other knicknackery went into a divided Labatt box w a cast iron nutcracker on a red base and a silver wassail cup with a wooden handle. Some now-designated-everyday glassware went into a divided Miller Lite box. I'm waiting for one of the heavy, divided boxes the church's sanctuary lamps come in, for the good glassware, inside a larger box that will also hold the good china.

Those sealed, the packing peanuts were gone. Then after supper, one deskside cubby unit (and all but one of the boxes packed of late) were set out on the ramp to reduce LR chaos, and I could actually foresee getting our LR back. I also emptied the drawers of the side table I'm taking, and felt ready to pack two large, very fragile clocks into the amp box.

Before Hardi left to conduct tonight's Holy Week mass (they're nightly this week), we had a strategy talk about the Most Fragile boxes-- result: they'll travel safely "crated" in the closet case that used to house the mini-fridge.

Then after he left, I packed that "Rumble" amp box (left unsealed to air out the fog-dampened lasagna paper). That's cushioning the steeple clock, the domed clock, a small silver candy dish, a silver-rimmed glass relish bowl, and a covered, 3-section glass relish dish.

Hardi will be the logical person to unpack this box during vacation, and choose where the clocks may live. The steeple clock is nearly as tall as the box, so it can't be on display in the china cabinet. :-( The domed clock, if it fits, will make a good display item in the china cabinet-- which will house decor, now that we've decided to USE the remaining china!

The card table and most of the packing supplies are now in the DR, out of the main drag. The rest of the front door entry area can be cleaned up tmrw (or later tonight if I get ambitious). Time for the weekly break from packing for church stuff (including Easter)!!! Until I get a better divided box, the rest of the china cabinet will have to wait, so next week the upstairs packing resumes.

The dnstrs Goodwill bag has been relegated to the desk zone where the cubby had been. The trash bag is with the card table. There is also a tiny box for miscellaneous items that are boxed with their destination-room stuff, as new boxes for them shape up. I refuse to take "miscellaneous" boxes!

The conference call with my SURJ chapter-coach was superb. No assignments and all doors open.