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Posted By: wysiwyg
26-Mar-18 - 07:40 AM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Thanks, DP. The final move is still a ways off-- Hardi has not set a retirement date yet, or even year! We knew it would take quite awhile to move out of this barn.


Hardi and I are both sick and I'm trying to work a weekly rhythm of packing weekdays, dental Fridays, church and breaktime weekends. But I needed fresh air and a stretch yesterday, so yesterday I moved the 4 boxes on the ramp rail down and stacked them on porch pallet lumber, with stacking and pallet space ready for more.

Since the sewing room is now occupied by our housemate, I am not taking (nor emptying) a LR bookcase destined for it. The major furniture to empty is downstairs now-- the china cabinet, antique dresser, abd desk cubbies, which are scheduled for my work this week. I also put a few boxes together to start with. One is a large, leftover U-haul box, the last one of which burst. So I reinforced it with preventive tape.

Despite a lot of chair napping ydy, I fell asleep quickly last night after straightening out an mp3 player issue, and slept hard about 4 hours. Then I came down and purged the antique dresser to about 1/3 of its contents-- noting various categories of stuff retained.

The next area to purge will be deskside cubbies and the lower shelves of the bookcase, which will, together, net a med lg box of stationery/office supplies. There are also enough items to set up a 2000 - 2018 archive box to add to my archived work product in storage, so it's good I started with the dresser! The bookcase I'm leaving will get the Christmas decor I saved from the dresser drawers.

Another Goodwill barrel is now very full. Someone is going to get a very nice extra long tablecloth!

I guess since the dresser held old (nice) pierced earrings and I wear my hair short now, I'll save them right in their drawers, and pack most of my necklaces into the dresser as well. The Ohio spot for the dresser makes it ideal for an accessories chest, so dress purses and shoes may as well travel right in the drawers as well.