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Posted By: wysiwyg
22-Mar-18 - 01:45 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House

Finally hitting a rhythm between work, packing, and fun. OUR cookbooks, an antique drip coffeepot to supplement the Ohio espresso machine, and 3 collapsible coolers/insulated lunch bags packed and out to ramp rail. GOODWILL Mr. Coffee-type coffeepot added to Goodwill bin with last night's found double hotplate-- we used it the two+ years it took to get a new cooktop. Clean clothes put away in the closet-- it got left out several days whole I culled items from it for Ohio and trash. And I figured out how to download old Amazon purchases to a free fone app for Bluetooth-speaker driving and decluttering.

On the downside, the fone is not recognized by my laptop today, at all.

Back to cookbook packing for gifting to Son, DIL, SIL. Going to use clothe store bags!

I packed the books Hardi had said he wnted, and then a cute FB exchange about our three Fanny Farmer cookbooks broke out:

Greg Hinton, I packed master recipes, fannie farmer, Greek, and good housekeeping cookbooks. French-- keep or pass on to Amy?

He replied, I only want my Fannie Farmer and Masters recipes and the instant pot booklets. The rest can go. I don't really use GH cookbook.

Greg Hinton, :-) we'll have to pack your fanny because I already packed mine, but I'll separate yours out. (What is GH cookbook?)

GH Good Housekeeping

One more package was then packed and went out to the ramp rail-- guest towels, scarves, scarf hanger, headbands, fleeces, Mmarioshawl1 (Mmshawl2 went to a Mudcatter with an urgent issue) several short, dressy skirts. There's room for one more big nox or two small cubes on that covered rail. (When it's full I'll go down the ramp, onto the porch at the base of the ramp, and lift the boxes down to stack on skids set on the flagstones.)

Then, the cookbook sorting done, the FB coordination resumed in the group I use there:

Greg Hinton, for you to see and bag: Kept Indian, Spanish, French, Thai, and paperback Joy of Cooking. SIL can be offered any that Son or DIL do not want, and housemate Tyler may want a basic book also (the 3rd fanny/boston for instance because everyone needs a fanny). The All-Asia book in the pass-along bag is priceless, though the covers are long gone. I suppose if we were really nice we'd re-bind that one. DIL, what do you think about us re-binding that one for you guys? Sorry it's already packed, can't take pic of TOC now, but maybe later.

That FB group has been a huge help, and I mention it with the above example because-- that group is searchable. So it will be handy later when I want to know where the heck I put items, and what's packed with them as filler.

Tyler BTW is turning out to be the dream housemate I needed-- he not only watches the house and waters the garden on request-- he checks in with me to see how I'm doing (and to remind me that at least in Ohio I do have PEOPLE despite my isolation here). He'll help unload and unpack in May, and he just had his first long overnight custodial visit with his toddler son-- I like knowing that the house is being used for its envisioned mission. He moved in with just enough days before I left that we were able to work out housie parameters and boundaries. And he landed a great job, in walking distance of the house. He opes to start online school in the fall.