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Posted By: Jon Freeman
20-Mar-18 - 05:44 AM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Not specially warm here, S. I (as the setter of this Honeywell Evohome thing, not the purchaser of oil) try to keep most of the house at 18C while people are up and about although Pip can override any room. The exception is the living room which with Peter sat in a chair for long periods is set at 20C, a temperature the radiator in that room won’t make when the outside temperature drops close to zero.

If it gets below 20C, I light the woodburner and at the moment am doing that anyway in the period between after tea and bed time. That room can get a bit hot if I get a bit too carried away with the stove. We’ve had it up to 27C a couple of times this winter…

Mewan’s moves through (or sometimes is moved) to the living room in the evening. Her settling down spot is varying quite a bit but there is another ritual that comes after Peter has gone to bed and Pip has her (for want of a better term) “quiet hour” in there before also going to bed. Mewan has to have some time on Pip’s lap before (usually) deciding to settle down somewhere else. The cat then pretends to be asleep. By that I mean Mewan is soon alert if she hears a bit of kitchen paper rustle or Pip starting to get out of the chair. You see the final “goodnight” between them involves another treat...