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Posted By: Brian Peters
03-Feb-18 - 12:26 PM
Thread Name: Is 'Trad music' sexist?
Subject: RE: Is 'Trad music' sexist?
Some of the people here seem slightly confused, my point really concerned the lack of celebration of women in our music
To almost all women that I know, their role in giving birth and nurturing a family are their proudest achievement

Many of the women I know (even if I were to exclude several who are lesbian or willingly childless) would disagree with that, and some would take great exception to it.

On the other hand - as I tried to point out before - there are many songs celebrating women's bravery, defiance, intelligence, etc. Three out of the first four Child Ballads, for a start. Also Tam Lin, False Foodrage, Eppie Morrie, William Taylor, Jackie Munro, Maid on the Shore, Female Highwayman, Female Drummer, Female Captain, Lovely Joan, etc etc.