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Posted By: wysiwyg
23-Jan-18 - 02:45 PM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House


It's official as of last night's parish annual meeting: Hardi is now contemplating an actual date to retire, and will announce it when he's ready.

This modifies so many of my Ohio plans! For one thing, it changes a lot of the May truckload contents, and that means getting a jump on my clothing storage here.

The timing is excellent-- all my laundry is done and folded. I've got a good sense now of getting dressed in my actual bedroom-- not possible in the 2-story PA house, where I've been dressing in the cold, small bathroom for 23 years.

Here's my new clothing storage plan:

Narrow 3-drawer antique dresser-- that will sit either in the LR as it does in PA, or preferably in the alcove outside the master BR. This will hold accessories for going out, and emergency off-season basic outfits because the master BR closet may not hold all seasons' items-- they may need to rotate via garage storage. (I have zippered wardrobes to keep them fresh, which successfully housed camping linens for 2+ years.)

Low, wide BR dresser-- dailywear for housework/gardening/errands, which can be folded; undies and nighties for all occasions. This will free up closet rod space.

The closet presently has an upper and a lower rod, with deep shelf between and another shelf in thrre up at ceiling height. No doors-- curtains (as I prefer). I'm only using the lower, now, and it's jam packed-- because the upper is too high for me (and therefore suited to some offseason storage).

Until last September, there was no BR dresser. All my stuff was in a tiny alcove dresser (4 child-sz drawers)... in plastic drawers on the low closet shelf... and on the low closet rod.

In September, the housemates who departed left a dresser I'll replace, in May, with one currently holding kingbed linens in PA. But altho the drawer depths are a tad different, no reason I can't train myself to use it NOW the same way I'll use it when #1Son/DIL unload MY dresser! Cuz my closet's making me NUTS, I have more here now than fits in there, and madame likes leisurely boudoir dressing so much!

So-- since life in Ohio facilitates female friendships, as well of course as social stuff w Hardi, I do stuff here with friends at least twice a week. And since the grocery, etc are a short scooter-ride away, I'm shopping every few days instead of twice a month. That means I want my dresser to facilitate OUT more than staying IN.


Current dresser configuration is a bit different; instead of deep, wide drawers, it has shallower drawers; narrow ones on the left and 2x wider ones on the right.

L top: panties and socks

R top: bras and eventually slips/shapewear

L middle: shirts, flat

R middle: shorts, jeans

L lower: playtime and pretty nighties

R lower: cotton nighties, loungewear. Roll heavier loungewear and stack nighties.


Now that I know the dresser layout that will best support our Ohio lifestyle, I can start the switch, and transform the closet a little at a time.