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Posted By: Tattie Bogle
21-Jan-18 - 02:04 PM
Thread Name: 'Owned' songs
Subject: RE: 'Owned' songs
Perhaps there are fewer "owned songs" now than there used to be, though I can think of a couple of people who are no longer with us, and you definitely would NOT sing one of "their" songs in their presence. One song in particular, was never sung for years after the usual singer of it passed away, as it was "X's song". Then one day, a new person to the session launched into that song: you could feel a certain frisson pass around the room at first, but then everyone relaxed and joined in the chorus, and that was it - song back in the repertoire!

The other side of this is that there are some songs that have caught the imagination of many people, who have gone and learned them, and there's almost a competition to get in first with Y song, before someone else sings it!
And as we are now coming up to the Burns season in Scotland, any session on a theme of Burns songs is bound to have a people throwing songbooks over their shoulders as someone else just did the one they'd planned to do! My favourite Burns song just happens to be one that 2 of our local male singers do very well: they were both there at a Burns night in a folk club, and one had already sung, but not done that song: I asked the other if he was intending to do it, but no, so I was able to do it without ruffling any feathers. (The song includes a lot of birds - guess which?!) For a more formal Burns supper, the organiser will usually contact people in advance to make sure there is no duplication of songs or disjointed noses.