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Posted By: Andy7
19-Jan-18 - 06:49 PM
Thread Name: 'Owned' songs
Subject: 'Owned' songs at folk clubs
In many folk clubs, there are songs that are, in a certain sense, 'owned' by one of the regular members.

Not songs that they've composed themselves - these are self-evidently 'owned' by the people that wrote them - but traditional or popular songs that they've sung so often, and usually so well, that other members would feel very awkward about trying the song themselves, especially if the song 'owner' is present.

I've sometimes wondered, what is the protocol here?

If I fancy singing, say, 'Rose of Allendale' one evening, but it's always been sung (really well) by Gillian at least once a month, and no one else ever sings it, could I give it a go? And could I give it a go if Gillian is actually there?

Suppose I mess it up, and at the same time stop her sharing with everyone her version, the one that everyone always enjoys? Or suppose, maybe even worse, I do it well, and some people actually prefer my rendition of the song?

And in another situation entirely ... what should I do if, maybe during a holiday in a different part of the country, I take in a session of a folk club that I've never been to before?

Should I be wary of singing any song, unless it's really obscure or self-penned, just in case I take away an 'owned' song from a regular folk club member?