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Posted By: Irish sergeant
04-Feb-01 - 02:55 PM
Thread Name: I'm not anti Irish.. honest
Subject: RE: I'm not anti Irish.. honest
Brian: Being a writer and having faced a deadline or two I can tell you, you're probably the closest to the mark with your last post. And yes, "The Star Spangled Banner" took the tune fron an English drinking song "To Ancreon in Heaven". The Confederate song "The Bonnie Blue Flag" Also took the tune of "The Irish Jaunting Car". Let's face it, good music just won't die. Isn't that why we perform? It's why I do around the campfire and I know it's why you do in clubs cafes and concerts. I know if I write a truly inspired sentance or lyric and more importantly, if I hear one. It's about the music and if it isn't no matter how rich you are, hang up the guitar or instrument of choice and take up the shovel. So what if Danny Boy is English? The fact is it is a great piece of music. Kindest reguards, Neil