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Posted By: Dorothy Parshall
20-Dec-17 - 11:56 AM
Thread Name: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House
Subject: RE: Declutter & Fitness - Clearing Out the House

Today I sorted and re-organized our clothes. Found a blouse that fills the bill! OK, I've had it for years; made it back in the 90s. But it is what I need - full, comfortable, covers tummy etc., and looks good. With any luck I will find the pattern at Beaver and make a couple more, from some of the fabric, of which I have about a ton. But I cleaned up the clothing area and am, at least for now, inspired to make a couple nice shirts. That is better than the day I did an entire mall trying to find one like that - and it was there all along - under that other stuff. Also found needles and hooks so may be inspired to start a hat tomorrow.

Great to read about Charmion's amazing progress! She will truly be "home for Christmas". And now I realize the town of Perth is not in the county of Perth.

Maggie, you gave that dog a good life! I have lost a few in my life and know that each one hurts - then we usually end up with another one of equal value, more or less.

The LR here is still fairly clear; just a few bits of non-functional heaters, etc and a bag for the thrift shop and... Well there are places to sit. The desk still resembles an old "Shoe" cartoon: "Oh, that's not a sofa, that's a pile of papers that looks like a sofa." Not my papers. And while I was at Beaver, an 18 inch wooden hippo climbed onto the buffet here; huge but rather interesting. Oh, well. I started to clear the top of a cabinet but had to quit before I finished - dust inhalation. Got back out of bed for an allergy pill and -yep! Here I thought I was getting "sick".

After driving all day Friday to get here, including about 45 minutes in a nasty snow storm, I then drove the hour to the cafe, and back. Tired! Saturday, R and I went to the Laurentians, where you can barely see the once beautiful hills for the houses, condos, etc. He needed to do some work on the two airbnbs. After an interminable and traumatic (snowy, windy roads, steep hills) trip, I sat in a not warm enough house and read. I used the sofa cushions to keep warm! Then had something akin to a panic attack as we drove down a super steep hill, with a ravine at the bottom. Crawled into bed about 1 am. Never again. R needs to de-clutter his life, and mine, of that situation.

Quaker meeting and potluck helped the mind, and the frig! Time spent going to see a house for sale - I like it. I especially like that the yard backs up to a very large nature preserve. Then we paid a short visit to Isle St. Bernard so R could see it. Great place; I would love to live 5 minutes away. I would love to be out of this dreadful house.

I am perceiving that is is hard on R when I am at Beaver. If he can find a way to buy us a decent house, I would want to be here for him most of the time. Hopefully, I will still be able to spend time with my friends in Ontario. I can see that 5 hour drive becoming more and more difficult but R loves it there also. ... Pipe dream?

I must de-clutter my life of even thinking about a friend of almost 50 years, but not seen for many years. I would drive myself crazy trying to deal with her. Sad. Hans Selye would refer to my re-action as altruistic self-centredness. My natural inclination to want to "make it better" has no chance of succeeding. Wonder Woman I am not. Not easy to let go. Cannot accept that she is not worth the effort but self-care needs to prevail...

R has been in Laurentians since Monday! So much for spending time together! Tonight (he will be back) an end of Chanukah meal at a friend's and tomorrow a pre-Christmas one with other friends.