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Posted By: leeneia
11-Dec-17 - 09:47 AM
Thread Name: the teaching of dancing
Subject: RE: the teaching of dancing
Thanks for the help. And I like the dance- one, rest-one idea for beginners.

Question - is it possible to dance a dance to any tune, as long as the number of measures and repeats remains the same? I think it would be fun to teach a new dance, dance two others, then repeat the first dance with new music. It would give the brain a rest.

I've been thinking about the differences between these young people and me. The young people want to learn and to socialize, but up till now their free time has been spent glued to a phone. And they have probably never memorized anything. Now they are being asked to make moves, remember the order, be in the right place at the right time, and look good, all at once.

A few days ago, the DH and I were at a red light in front of a major hospital. A woman about 25 years old stepped into the cross walk just as the light turned against her. She jay-walked across four lanes, glued to her phone, and a small black car almost hit her. The car started up when the light turned green, then the driver slammed on the brakes as she stepped in front of him. I saw the car lurch and jerk. And she never even noticed!

That's the kind of mind we might have to work with.