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Posted By: Jim Carroll
14-Nov-17 - 06:27 AM
Thread Name: BS: Paradise Papers: It's still us and them
Subject: RE: BS: Paradise Papers: It's still us and them
This behaviour not only underlines the greed of the wealthy and the readiness of the state to accommodate that greed (after all, it was Thatcher who attempted to respectability greed with her parable about the rich not being able to help the poor if it wasn't for their wealth)
It's also a reminder, if one were needed, of the contempt in which the not-so-well-off are held
I worked for the wealthiest man in Britain once, in one of his five homes in Eaton Square, London
He had a luxurious first floor flat and, so his neighbours wouldn't be offended by the rabble coming through the front door, we were instructed to enter by a ladder propped up against the porch, then scramble though a window - this was in the depths of an icy winter.
I remember an elderly building labourer just on retirement having to carefully edge up ice-covered rungs.
After two weeks I was the last to leave the job, having to finish off the lighting in the kitchen
His luddship - The Duke of W... told me he was going out and would return shortly, but when I finished he had still not returned, so I decided to just leave
I found he had locked me in the kitchen (presumably so I couldn't run off with the spoons) - I had to wait another hour before he returned
I never found out what he did with the turd in the fridge!!!
Jim Carroll