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Posted By: Steve Shaw
14-Nov-17 - 05:46 AM
Thread Name: BS: Paradise Papers: It's still us and them
Subject: RE: BS: Paradise Papers: It's still us and them
You do make our point for us, Nigel. This has never been about illegal activity. It is about the immorality of using legal loopholes, by very rich people or corporations, to increase their billions still further whilst the rest of us struggle to shore up public services, queue for a year or more to get an operation to stop chronic pain, dump a box of cornflakes in the food bank box, buy a Big Issue, see the disabled shat on and watch helplessly as the concept of decent pensions disappears over the horizon. We can't expect you to see it, Nigel. You are a Tory. The Tory Party, first and foremost, is the party of self-interest, no such thing as society, me first, devil take the hindmost, the undeserving poor, Queen and country. And it always has been. When the shady stuff that goes on behind closed doors, preferably offshore, is leaked out and clouds the charade of "Tory decency" it's very embarrassing for you. So you lot scrabble around for the scraps to try to convince us that "lefties do it too." Pathetic!