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Posted By: Stu
13-Nov-17 - 09:16 AM
Thread Name: BS: Paradise Papers: It's still us and them
Subject: RE: BS: Paradise Papers: It's still us and them
"Investing abroad is not a crime"

Of course "investing" is a mealy mouthed way of putting it, but most people know full well its tax avoidance which might well be legal but is ethically unsound in a society where we all contribute according to our means. Lewis Hamilton or Brenda might well feel chuffed avoiding tax on their wealth, but the truth is they are saying to the rest of us "fuck you, you pay what I can avoid".

So proportionality most of us pay far more tax than those who move their money offshore. Which they do to avoid tax, whether by 'investment' or other nefarious means.

Meanwhile, other elitist and establishment shitskins (the same ones that fooled Brexiteers into thinking they were somehow distant from all their peers) are now telling their mates to get their money out of the UK before it all goes tits up big style: Pro-Brexit MP John Redwood advised investors to pull money out of the UK