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Posted By: akenaton
07-Nov-17 - 05:14 PM
Thread Name: BS: Paradise Papers: It's still us and them
Subject: RE: BS: Paradise Papers: It's still us and them
"And on that note, my case rests, M?Lud."

That is neither witty nor humorous, and makes no attempt to address the points I made. Typical "liberal" left bullshit, do you seriously believe that the rates of immigration which pertained before Brexit were sustainable or beneficial?

Of course unregulated immigration is not the ONLY reason that the referendum was won, but it was a main driver, people even round this area were worried about the change in society, the lack of opportunity for school leavers, the dearth of apprenticeships as firms used agencies to provide cheap foreign labour.
I live in a quiet country area, I cannot imagine what it must be like for those in cities or housing estates.

Again I do not blame the immigrants our governments went along with "freedom of movement" as an economic policy designed to make a failing system, competitive. The victims were the workers made redundant in the process.