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Posted By: Pamela R
30-Sep-17 - 05:59 PM
Thread Name: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
Subject: RE: Camp New Harmony 2017-18:Workshop Signup
Hi Joe,
I'll be attending camp for the first time this year. If you like I could do a workshop on "Divergent Variants" - comparing amazingly different versions of very old traditional songs/ballads that were collected in different parts of England, Scotland, Ireland, Appalachia; maybe even versions from New England, Canada, Australia. This could easily fill two hours since ballads are long and there are lots of really cool variants to explore. I hope participants would contribute variants; to avoid duplications, I would coordinate that a bit in advance.

Or, I could lead a one-hour workshop on "The Broadside Side of Ballads" -- ballads many of us know from oral tradition that also had a parallel/intersecting life in very old cheap street literature (broadsides, chapbooks). I could explain a bit about that history and bring facsimiles of actual broadsides for the group to sing together. Yes, singing from the page! (a thing I normally don't.)

Or, I could do a mini-concert if people want me to.

Depending on the camp's needs and preferences I'm glad to do any one or two, but preferably not all three of the above.

Scheduling: I'm hoping to be there the whole time but it is possible I will have to arrive a day late or leave a day early to meet family obligations, which I won't know until early December. So if you make the schedule before then, a midweek time slot would be preferred. Any time of day is fine, but please try not to overlap other ballad-themed workshops.

Pamela Reinagel

Revised scheduling request - please schedule my ws and miniconcert on thurs or fri.
Will be leaving sometime Saturday.

Hi Joe,
Per our earlier conversation I believe I committed to do a mini-concert and a workshop on the Broadside Side of Ballads. Have been waiting to hear from you about the rooms and times -- am I supposed to select them?

Seconding the request to see the current draft of the schedule with whatever times and rooms have already been committed to others so far.

From the room descriptions, it sounds like Cary Lodge Lounge or the Sun Room would be good for the broadside ballad workshop. I would prefer not to conflict with Sadie's workshops or anything else "ballads". (Sadie, I wasn't scheduled for the "Divergent Versions" workshop, but if you run a workshop on that theme I would be happy to help out).

Shoshanna - I see you've requested a daily space for "Irish". may I ask what that means? (session tunes? dancing? Irish language? group singing? sean nos songs?...)


Hi, Pamela. Nice to meet you on the phone. I'll probably put you down for a mini-concert and the broadsides session. I'll let one of our old-timers make sure that an adequate number of ballads sessions are scheduled.
See you in December.