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Posted By: keberoxu
26-Sep-17 - 02:03 PM
Thread Name: BS: Rap for emperor
Subject: RE: BS: Rap for emperor
Why Spaw, of happy memory, is the Patron Saint and Spiritual Leader of the Rapturous Rap's empire.
And why I approve.

Because Spaw, from the great beyond, by means of his posts to Mudcat threads (closed, perhaps, but not deleted),
has appeased my confusion about
Dino the Purple Dinosaur.
The post in question, I just tripped over it whilst lurking over a closed thread in order to further my Mudcat education.

Being a little younger than Spaw, I was in fact VERY young when the jingle for
"DINO! the pur-ple di-no-saur!" became a childhood earworm.

I was confused because:
Sinclair fuel stations promoted Dino the Dinosaur.
Sinclair fuel stations had a big ol' GREEN dinosaur on their signage.
And I KNOW that Dino was purple because the song said so,
and at that age, I never disagreed with songs
-- okay, I asked QUESTIONS, but that's different than disagreement.

So Sinclair fuel stations went the way of, erm, you know.
The green dinosaur disappeared from the townscape.
And I was still shaking my head
to get that Pur-ple Di-no-saur! earworm out.
And wondering where I had heard it.

I don't even know if what Spaw posted was correct,
but since it made me feel one heck of a lot better,
it stands.