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Posted By: punkfolkrocker
22-Jul-17 - 07:23 PM
Thread Name: cigs and e-ecigs in the folk scene
Subject: RE: cigs and e-ecigs in the folk scene
"Fag smoke and vape is almost impossible to inhale in other than enclosed spaces...but to claim that people indulging in either in open space is harmful is incredible"

Well I inhabit a flesh and blood body that reacts allergically to fag smoke and vapes in public open spaces..

Walking past or behind both in the street is a real discomfort, not immediate life or death I grant you,
but still unpleasant enough to affect my sinuses, stress levels and mood..,

Then there are bus and railway shelters on rainy days, they are not enclosed, just one wall and a roof,
but crammed with smokers and vapers, puffing away as selfish as they can possibly be...

Pub beer gardens, cafe terraces...

...and... etc...etc.... all outdoors in public spaces...

In fact pub beer gardens are worse now since the fag smoking ban...

That's mainly why I'm at home on a summer saturday night drinking supermarket booze in front of the telly..

[well.. until I fell asleep on the sofa a couple of hours ago...]