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Posted By: Senoufou
21-Jul-17 - 03:12 AM
Thread Name: cigs and e-ecigs in the folk scene
Subject: RE: cigs and e-ecigs in the folk scene
In my view, any kind of smoking (cigarette or vaping) should be banned everywhere except in the addicts' houses. Not in any public building, pub, outside the main door of Tesco, nor outside shops. Not at bus stops, in the street or in buses or taxis.
I don't see why I should be forced to inhale toxic chemicals (and there are these even in vapour, though in smaller amounts than cigarette smoke) as I walk about. Nor do I wish to smell strong odours of various vaping flavours. I want my air clean and unpolluted thank you.

Vaping uses nicotine, which hardens blood vessels, causes 'stiff arteries' and thus strokes/heart attacks. Another reason why I don't want it in my lungs.

Regarding strong perfume, I strongly agree. Very inconsiderate to make everyone smell overpowering scent. It affects asthmatics, and makes some people nauseous.