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Posted By: John M
19-Sep-98 - 10:24 AM
Thread Name: Intellectual property
Subject: RE: Intellectual property
I agree with Bert's code of honor, except no. 4 should be 1000. When one makes CD's this number is far more cost effective than 500. I have never been asked for royalties in 23 years of playing, but I have been told " Sorry John we love you, but people from some group called ASCAP came by and threatened to sue us if we don't pay them for permission to have live music." I'll pay any entertainer who comes in here and plays for the crowd, but not if I have to pay those skumbags ! So I guess I'll have to stop the Live Music ! " I've never been asked by ASCAP for money, but they have cost me, and many others a bundle. I don't know anyone better off because of them . I think it would be the greatest honor if someone did one of my songs. If they make money off it thats fine too. If by some outlandish chance they make a bundle I have a feeling they just might be willing to share.