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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
24-May-17 - 06:01 AM
Thread Name: Obit: death of UK child killer Ian Brady
Subject: RE: Obit: death of UK child killer Ian Brady
well i suppose both of them are a bit bonkers.

however they both had logical reasons for what they did. sexual satisfaction and social alienation.

i suppose they both had the alienation factor.

i suppose both of them had a doctrine they subscribed to. its difficult to see what turned Brady onto sadism. no doubt something in his background made him damaged goods'

however in the case of the muslims. i think its a bit disingenouous of Jim to keep going on as though we all hate muslims. when I first went to teach in Brum - I had no idea of what a muslim was. i taught there eight happy years taught loads of all kinds of kids, never had any problem with any of them - probably less than with any other racial group.

I remember most of the kids parents hated General Zia and several said he was an uneducated man and had sympathy for Bhutto.

the time i realised something was going wrong in the mosques was several years later when i was supply teaching in Derby. Virtually all the muslim children (from 11 years upward) said they wanted to kill Salman Rushdie at the time of the Satanic Verses business. there are people using the mosque to disseminate bad ideas to the young. It needs sorting. Only they can do it.

Its buggerall to do with the Arab Spring. this is a domestic problem, and its a problem only the muslim population can sort out. for some reason various alienated people in our society - many of them from a racially English white background are getting their angst pandered to in the mosques.

every community has its problems. that's one of theirs. JIm - you're doing 'em no favours keep going on that people who drew attention to the grooming business and this business of malcontents calling themselves terrorists, are racist bigots.

they've got their problems - we've got ours. denying their problems gives legitimacy to the racists.