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Posted By: Teribus
23-May-17 - 04:47 AM
Thread Name: Obit: death of UK child killer Ian Brady
Subject: RE: Obit: death of UK child killer Ian Brady
Centuries ago public executions were arranged as demonstrations of the power of the law and the dreadful consequences of flouting the law. No "police force", no formal procedures governing investigations so unless the perpetrators were caught red-handed or were positively identified in the execution of their crime - they normally got away with it.

Only 10% of the death sentences ever handed down were ever carried out according to the historical notes appended to Bernard Cornwell's book "Gallows Thief", in which he explains the term to be "hanged without mercy". The old form of hanging still practiced today in Islamic countries is slow hanging where you are hoisted up, or the platform is removed from under you and you are left suspended - in these cases you are slowly strangled by your own body weight - the lighter you (Women & children) the longer your death agony. Under English Law the Judge could grant or withhold "Mercy" which was a dead weight that could be attached to the victim's ankles to speed the process up. Sometime in the 1700s Slow hanging was replaced with first a short drop, then later by the long drop where on release of the trap the neck is snapped and death is instantaneous. I have heard that in hanging the bowels and bladder evacuate - I have never, ever heard of anyone's intestines falling out - anyone who has had to field clean a deer will know how somethings insides are held in place and the work it takes to remove them.