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Posted By: Jim Carroll
20-May-17 - 08:01 PM
Thread Name: Obit: death of UK child killer Ian Brady
Subject: RE: Obit: death of UK child killer Ian Brady
"You miss the point Jim, I am against capital punishment in principle, but people like Brady are very special cases"
I don't miss your point at all Ake
Nobody is a special case or everybody is a special case
What's the difference between what Brady did and what the Yanks did to children in Vietnam or wherever they dropped their filth - or the systematic slaughter of civilians in Gaza, or those who dropped the bombs on two towns in Japan and caused generations of deformed children, or on Dresden?
The fact that they did it from a distance doesn't make any of the victims any less dead
What makes Brady a special case - the children killed by pushing buttons died just as horribly?
I have no doubt you will put up an argument for not punishing state sponsored deaths just as you are putting up an argument for State sponsored ritual killings.
Do you suggest that those who sent Evans or all of those who died innocent of any crime should be punished for sending an innocent man to his death,
How about the policemen who rammed Blair Peach's head into the corner of a brick wall and smashed his skull open
How about the Anders Breivik who slaughtered all those young peope yet who you claimed was aaying something worth listening to?
And what about all those "liberals" or disease carrying homosexuals you are constantly ranting about... surely there's room fro them on your "úspecial case" list?
If all life is sacrosanct taking a life is an act of evil, whoever has done what
At least in the States they don't make any pretence of what capital punishment is about - revenge, pure and simple
That's why they let the relatives of the victims sit and watch the execution.
That debases us all as human beings and as a society
What makes me laugh in all of this is those who scream th loudest for blood are the ones who are supposed to believe in the sanctity of and respect for human life - the Christian who preach brotherly love but spout hatred and retribution for anybody different
Your not out of that particular closet yet, bit it's only a matter o ime...
The only possible advatage of your blood lust would be that it would probably have an impact on the unemployment figures - we'd need a hell of a lot of hangmen if people like you got to select those they thought fit to be executed.
If I ever got round to making a "special cases" I can think of a few on this forum who would be near the top - but I really am not that sort of girl, so rest easy
As usual, you creep stealthily around all the points I put up without addressing them honestly - just stopping to throw stones from a safe distance in your usual heroic and thoughtful way
Must be too busy again, eh?
Socialist my arseum
Jim Carroll