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Posted By: Jim Carroll
20-May-17 - 04:25 AM
Thread Name: Obit: death of UK child killer Ian Brady
Subject: RE: Obit: death of UK child killer Ian Brady
"Now could that possibly have been due the regimes, and the attitudes of those regimes towards the USA, "
So you have to kowtow to mass-murdering states before they offer reparation for their mass murder
This inhuman garbage should never have been dropped on people in the first place, no matter what political shade they were and it should never have been left there to blow the limbs of civilians, whoever was in charge
It was an act of groos inhumanity by a so called "civilised" regime in the first place and it leaves little room to condemn other political systems when that is the manner in which so called "civilised" nations behave towards Third World peoples
These wars were simple political butchery to suit western interests in the first place as are the oil wars that are still happening
And guess who profits from the manufacture of this filth - right first time "Western democracies"
And no there's a new kid on the block
"Israeli manufactured weapon systems have been allegedly sold to many regimes with controversial human rights records (e.g. Guatemala during the Guatemala Civil War,[14][15] South Africa during Apartheid, El Salvador during the Salvadoran Civil War, Iran during the reign of the Shah, Ethiopia during the Ethiopian Civil War and more recently South Sudan during the South Sudanese Civil War)."
"Tell me Jom do you think that the US Government are the only ones that have live fire ranges on their territory?"
So ****** what?
Does that excuse leaving live ammunition around for people to lose limbs from?
It will be interesting to see if your Donald Duck puts in a programme to clear the filth up - can't see that happening - can you?
Two "Joms" in that one
Your insecurity appears to be intensifying as you paint yourself into a tighter corner
Keep it up.
Jim Carroll