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Posted By: Joe Offer
10-Apr-17 - 04:48 PM
Thread Name: National Folk Awards 2017
Subject: RE: National Folk Awards 2017
Dick Miles, this thread is about the National Folk Awards. Take your bruised ego and go to your room. Your self-defending rants are tiresome. Did you ever happen to notice that nobody else acts like that? Please stick to talking about the subject of discussion, and leave the other stuff at home. Nobody's interested in that, and it just serves to ruin the discussion. You may well have been wronged by various people, but fighting your battles here is of no help to anyone, including yourself. I value your opinions on folk music matters, I really do. I just wish you could present your ideas in a less combative manner and not take disagreement so personally - even when people who disagree express themselves in a combative manner. Fighting back doesn't do you any good, and it doesn't do Mudcat any good.
-Joe Offer-