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Posted By: Severn
11-Feb-17 - 10:50 AM
Thread Name: BS: Rap for emperor
Subject: Rappy Birthdate!
"Rappy Birthday To You" (a traditional Rap Air) will be sung joyfully throughout the land. However any parodies will be classified as an "Extraditional Air" and the singers and composers will be dealt with in the extraditional way and said works destroyed.It will be Parodies Lost, as they shall be banished from parodies and be thrown outside of the garden gate by whatever Gardening Angel guardin' the gate at the time. The gatekeeper will see to it that the offender maintains a steady gait in the direction of Far Away From Here in full realization that "NOBODY can beat the Rap".......

The Future has arrived and all presents shall now be passed, both Rapped and unwrapped and be given our rapt attention. To those who wrote "Many Happy Returns" on the card, His Emptitude has issued a warning that everything should work, fit or be the right color the first time.

A pie is brought out with four and twenty blackbirds singing the aforementioned Imperial Birthday Anthem to banjo accompaniment. and "The Emp", older and hopefully wiser, roars to the waiter and the chef, "TAKE IT BACK! It's not DONE yet!.... Uh....I mean the song itself was quite well done, but OFF WITH THEIR HEADS anyway, (as well as their feathers for that matter), and bring it back when it's ready. It does SMELL quite delicious, with a delicate essence, like those made in delicatessens."......

"While we are waiting, BRING ON THE DANCING GIRLS!.........