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Posted By: Bee-dubya-ell
03-Feb-17 - 10:31 AM
Thread Name: BS: Rap for emperor
Subject: RE: BS: Rap for emperor
I also am distressed to hear of the damage to the Imperial Oubliette. In an attempt to brighten the spirits of the Imperial Torturer and Assorted and Sundry Other Things, I have composed this little song, to be sung to the tune of "Ain't She Sweet".

Note: "Oubliette" is a word of French origin.   Considering that French is the laziest language in the world, and that it's often impossible to find any correspondence between how a word is written and how it is pronounced, "oubliette" is probably pronounced by native speakers of French as something like "uh-bluh".   But for the purposes of this song, we shall pronounce it "oo-blee-ett". Okay?


It's so dingy dank and wet
Have you ever seen a place as creepy as

If you haven't been there yet
There's a few surprises waiting for you at

Just take a look at what's around you
The rats and fleas, they will astound you

It's as bad as it can get
And we hope that you enjoy your stay in our


Imperial Ignoramus
His Mark