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Posted By: Hollowfox
27-Jan-01 - 10:06 AM
Thread Name: Sandy Paton - write your autobiog!
Subject: RE: Sandy Paton - write your autobiog!
I can't in good conscience demand (or even ask) someone to write a book, since I hate the physical act of writing, and have trouble transferring my thoughts to paper. Not that I wouldn't love to read these books ..On the other hand, has anybody else noticed that none of the books on the "history of folk music/the 'folk scene'/whatever" in North America have "gotten it right"? (No linguistic/semantic arguments, please; I think you know what I mean.) With one exception ("For What Time I Have Left", a history of the Mariposa Folk Festival in Toronto), the books I've seen focus on the Greenwich Village scene in the 1950's. These quickly focus on Dylan and Baez. Except for mentioning the Newport Folk Festival, and maybe the Philadelphia Folk Festival, the rest of the folk world might as well not exist. I'd love to see a book that mentions the Patons, the San Fransisco Folk Music Club, the Chicago folk scene, Fox Hollow..the list goes on. I know the whole history of the past 30+ years couldn't be boiled down to one book, but I'd pay good money for an overview that covered a good part of it.
I'll bet the European folk scene(s) have had the same problem in documentation.