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Posted By: Severn
22-Jan-17 - 12:10 AM
Thread Name: BS: Rap for emperor
Subject: RE: BS: Caveat for Empteror
Beas wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to the Royal Spouse, Her Imperialositynessship and sorry about the ambiance of the ambulance from one who has ridden a few while marveling at the ceiling.....

Dies the Royal Speller cast spells or merely cast spellchecks? Sorry, but I've been gone for a spell, in fact, I hosted the annual Ms. Spelling Pageant, which that spoiled brat Tori won again by bribing the judges, even though she wrongly wrote Errant Spelling where it asked for her father's name.......

Your Empness, you ignore the fact that Jon is a Freeman by birth, and to keep such people out of the realm, you would have to erect a wall so strong that even Free Masons could not dis-Lodge, and they would be the only type that the treasury can afford these days. One possible solution would be to contact a splinter group that broke off from them (after trying and trying again), The Tall Seceders of Lebanon......

Yes, the coronation seems to have nearly evaporated, like so much milk. You'd have to add a lot of water and give a stirring speech.....

Since when did our leader become such a Marksist, grading us on our marks. If I have a choice, I'd request Mark Twain, that is if that twain hasn't left without me......

Let us all sing our leader's praises:

"Raparee, Rapper Rah
Rapper Rah,
Rapper Rah-ha-ha Hah-hah- hah,
Rappery, Rap her raw,
Who when he naps, sacks on his back....."