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Posted By: Helen
12-Jan-17 - 05:12 PM
Thread Name: Do you sing to your dog (or cat, or...)?
Subject: RE: Do you sing to your dog (or cat, or...)?
Hi all,

I do a whistle version or a do-doo-dee-do version of the first few bars of Hail to the Chief sometimes when I walk into a room and one or more of the cats are in there. It was just a tune which came into my head one day and I never really thought about it until now, but as the saying goes, cats don't have masters, they have slaves, so I guess I am just showing respect to the household Chiefs.

I also whistle a specific phrase when I want them to come in. They don't come in unless they want to, but usually it's because I have some food for them so it is worthwhile for them to be a little bit responsive - although never obedient. I've done the whistle tune since each one was a kitten, so they have grown up hearing it.

I lived in a shared house a few decades ago with a couple of cats. One would leave the room when I played the flute and the other would leave the room when a housemate used to play the fiddle.