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Posted By: Jack Campin
25-Dec-16 - 08:10 AM
Thread Name: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Subject: RE: How many Mudcats have cats!?
Cats as ratters or even micers is not something I've really known. Sure they may bring you the odd present doing no harm in the field in but I don't see (at least well fed pet cats) them as being that effective pest controllers.

A friend of mine had a mouse infestation in her flat. A cat of her own wouldn't be practical, she travels too much. But she'd heard that cat fluff was a mouse repellent. So I collected a bagful of surplus fluff from our long-haired lilac tortie Chloe. It worked - she hasn't had mice for a year.

The thing is, Chloe is nearly 19 years old, has almost no teeth, and has probably never caught anything in her life. Any prey would suffer nothing worse than a geriatric gumming. But her fluff seems to be absolutely terrifying.