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Posted By: Jim Carroll
07-Dec-16 - 03:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: The best type of government
Subject: RE: BS: The best type of government
"Try actually reading the Nkrumah link that you yourself provided."
Read it - there is no evidence that Nkruma did anything but replaced British Colonial justice with one that suits a situation where there were at least seven attempts on Nkrumah's life.
Read deeperand yo will find the changes he made were basically to decentralise the old system and remove the right for a judge to rele a case inadmissible.
That system was upheld by those who took over following the C.I.A. planned coup and approved of by Britain - Ghana was considered in safe hands by then
Thirty six African countries had a one-party system - all approved by Britain and considered the best way forward for former colonies.
Nkruma never, not was accused of taking personal advantage of his rule and the changes he brought about where praised throughout the world - under his rule, Ghana prospered and the people benefited enormously - until after the coup, when all civil rights were dismantled,
We are still getting your interpretation and no evidence of the despotism you are implying
Jim Carroll