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Posted By: Jim Carroll
07-Dec-16 - 03:42 AM
Thread Name: BS: The best type of government
Subject: RE: BS: The best type of government
Thanks B.W.
Never come across it before
Will struggle with the suggestion that a machine is more capable of convincing people than is human contact.
I think I get Stu's point - I don't expect to convert people to my way of thinking, nor do I believe they will convert me to theirs.
I look on these arguments and discussions as an exchange of ideas in which we gather as many views as possible and weigh them up against our own - and make our final decision on the basis of everything available.
Are machines more capable of enabling that - maybe - but we all need to accept that as an objective.
What I am finding helpful is that arguments like these have enabled me to bring together all the bits and pieces I (think I) have learned throughout my life and relate them.
I have never associated what I believed happened in Africa in 1060s Africa with what was happening in 1650s/60s America and Cuba - I am beginning to now - you live and learn.
Sorry for the digression
Jim Carroll