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Posted By: Stanron
01-Dec-16 - 08:18 PM
Thread Name: BS: The best type of government
Subject: RE: BS: The best type of government
Wow. I'd never heard of Utopia Limited before. It's there in Wikipedia if you are interested (and please feel free to make a donation to the site to keep it free from adverts).

Of course the Anglo Saxons elected their kings. It was the nasty Normans who wanted to keep it in the family. And, of course again,it was only the 'upper crust' of the Anglo Saxons who got to vote. It wasn't democracy as we know it.

Talking politics is made more tricky because 'Labels' such as Right or Left, Tory or Labour and Republican or Democrat come with groups of associated, interlocking ideas.

It is possible to like one idea from one side and another idea from the other but on boards like this if you advocate one idea from one side it is almost inevitable that you will be accused of supporting all the rest of the ideas of that side.

Is this deliberate misunderstanding, knee jerk reaction or lack of intellectual flexibility.

Sticking to strict two party ideological scripts is not going to allow the development of new ideas.