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Posted By: DMcG
27-Nov-16 - 04:11 PM
Thread Name: BS: The best type of government
Subject: RE: BS: The best type of government
One thing I think is easily overlooked is that almost all of us spend a lot of our life's in dictatorships of a kind: almost every business is closer in structure to a dictatorship than a democracy. And while they don't have a full legal system they do have rules that are analogous, with systems of punishment and in the extreme expulsion.

A few companies are set up with much more democratic systems, but they are very much in the minority.

This is one of the reasons on another thread I pointed out that what "a good deal" for Brexit would be is entirely a matter of how you define good. Businesses essentially have a single goal, and for that dictatorships seem to be the most effective system. On the other hand, if you think their are other goals - welfare of citizens for example, even at the cost of an economy that grows less,for example - then you need a system that incorporates many more voices.

There is also the question of direct democracy versus representative democracy. Technically direct democracy is possible for the first time since we lived in societies of a few dozen. I think it would be a very unwise direction to go because that needs an aware electorate even more than a representative democracy.